Who we are

We are a professional holiday and private tuition service providers in Nairobi, Kenya. We provide quality tutorials to hundreds of students every year. Our clients have excelled and majority of them are topping in their schools. They have so far fully commended and supported the project to facilitate excellence of children. We use up to date methodologies that are relevant to the various curricula. The students end up excelling academically and are able to pursue their career goals with a lot of ease.

Students from different schools are offered tuition at their convenient venue after school, at the weekends and during holidays. They are mentored by a qualified staff made up of experienced graduate teachers. The unique one-on-one approach used at the center was meticulously formulated to address academic needs of the following categories of students:

  • Above average students who want to improve their grades.
  • Under-performing students who want to better their grades in a particular or all subjects.
  • Candidates who want to channel their energies towards improving their grades during their last few months to any exam.
  • Students who have missed much class work and want to catch up.
  • Students who require specialized individual attention.
  • Students who wish to learn new skills or languages e.g. Music, French, Swahili, English etc

Our objective
To uplift the academic standards of students in various kinds of schools doing various curriculum and subjects.

Our mission
To create healthy and enlightened society by enhancing the level of academic performance.

Our vision
To be an excellent team that acts as a stepping stone for better academic performance.